Rose Aphid

As the name indicates, the rose aphid primarily feeds on rose plants. While some spend their entire life cycle in a single plant, they can quickly spread and cause an infestation.

Scientific Classification

  • Class:Insecta
  • Order:Hemiptera
  • Family:Aphididae
  • Genus:Macrosiphum
  • Species:M. rosae

Conservation Status

Not EvaluatedNE

Not Evaluated

Data DeficientDD

Data Deficient

Least ConcernLC

Least Concern

Near ThreatenedNT

Near Threatened





Critically EndangeredCR

Critically Endangered

Extinct in the wildEW

Extinct in the wild




Macrosiphum rosae

Rose aphids are 0.07 to 0.14 inches long, ranging from green to pink and reddish-brown. Their bodies are long and slender, with relatively long antennae and legs. The winged aphids are a bit larger – 0.09 and 0.13 inches – and have distinct black markings.

Distribution: Global

Rose Aphid Picture

Habitat: Wherever rosebushes are found

Do they bite: No

Lifespan: 1 month

Predator: Lacewing and ladybird larvae

Behavior and Characteristics


Like other aphids, they feed on sap from any part of their host plants, such as leaves, stems, and even roots, in some instances.

Life Cycle

Though wingless females can undergo parthenogenesis, the winged rose aphids produce offspring via sexual reproduction.

Rose Aphid Eggs

1. Egg Stage

The eggs are laid on the canes of the rose plant, where they overwinter and begin to hatch in spring.

2. Nymph Stage

Wingless females develop first in the spring; winged females develop between June and July, while winged adults are born in autumn.

Getting Rid of Them

Rose Aphids Damage

The rose aphid can damage roses and similar plants by feeding on them and secreting sticky honeydew that causes the development of a sooty mold. Biological removal of these aphids includes introducing ladybird larvae to one’s garden. If they persist even afterward, treatment with insecticidal soaps, horticultural oils, and imidacloprid insecticides should relieve the affected plants.


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