Cicadas in North Carolina

North Carolina is home to at least thirteen annual, three 17-year,  and three 13-year cicada species. Brood X is the largest of the 17-year broods visiting the state. The periodicals come out in May when the soil temperature 8 inches from the surface reaches 64oF, mostly after a soaking rain. The annual males sing from mid to late summer from tree tops to attract the females. Their sounds are made of buzzes and clicks.

Cicadas in North Carolina (NC)

Types of Cicadas in North Carolina

  • Southern Grass Cicada
  • Olympic Scrub Cicada
  • Salt Marsh Cicada
  • Cassini Periodical Cicada
  • Linnaeus’s 17-Year Cicada
  • Decula Periodical Cicada
  • 13-Year Cassini
  • 13-Year Decim
  • 13-Year Decula
  • Northern Dusk Singing Cicada
  • Fall Southeastern Dusk-singing Cicada
  • Walker’s Cicada
  • Great Pine Barrens Cicada
  • Hieroglyphic Cicada
  • Dog-day Cicada
  • Davis’ Southeastern Dog-Day Cicada
  • Coastal Scissor(s) Grinder Cicada
  • Linne’s Cicada
  • Dark Lyric Cicada
  • Lyric Cicada
  • Coastal Lyric Cicada
  • Scissor(s) Grinder
  • Robinson’s Annual Cicada
  • Similar Dog-Day Cicada
  • Southern Swamp Cicada
  • Swamp Cicada
  • Eastern Scissor(s) Grinder