Cicadas in New York

17-year and annual cicadas live in New York. The periodical cicadas emerge early to mid-May when the soil temperature reaches 64oC. They emerge for 3-4 weeks and die in about a month. Broods II, V, VII, X, and XIV visit the state of which brood X is the biggest brood of the nation. The annuals come out in late summer. Their songs can exceed 100 decibels, the same sound level as a jackhammer.

Cicadas in New York (NY)

Types of Cicadas in New York

  • Cassini Periodical Cicada
  • Linnaeus’s 17-Year Cicada
  • Decula Periodical Cicada
  • Northern Dusk Singing Cicada
  • Hieroglyphic Cicada
  • Dog-day Cicada
  • Davis’ Southeastern Dog-Day Cicada
  • Linne’s Cicada
  • Dark Lyric Cicada
  • Lyric Cicada
  • Swamp Cicada
  • Canadian Cicada
  • Okanagana noveboracensis
  • Say’s Cicada