Cicadas in Iowa

Iowa has periodical as well as annual cicadas. There are both 13-year and 17-year broods appearing in the state. The periodicals live in wooded areas, river bottoms, woodlands, forests, and flood plains where trees are never disturbed. Brood III of the 17-year cicadas is the largest brood in Iowa. Their songs fill up the summer air, but developments have led to a reduction in their population.

Cicadas in Iowa (IA)

Types of Cicadas in Iowa

  • Southern Grass Cicada
  • Cassini Periodical Cicada
  • John and David’s Cicada
  • Decim Periodical Cicada
  • Decula Periodical Cicada
  • 13-Year Cassini
  • 13-Year Decula
  • Northern Dusk Singing Cicada
  • Plains Cicada
  • Bush Cicada
  • Walker’s Cicada
  • Dog-day Cicada
  • Linne’s Cicada
  • Lyric Cicada
  • Dark Lyric Cicada
  • Scissor(s) Grinder
  • Swamp Cicada
  • Say’s Cicada
  • Okanagana balli
  • Walking Cicada
  • Green Winged Cicada
  • Prairie Cicada
  • Beameria venosa