Cicadas in Colorado

Colorado has only annual cicadas that emerge every 3-5 years. There are no periodical cicadas living in the state. As is the nature of cicadas, they produce loud and shrill buzzing sounds as their mating calls. They are among the largest insects in the state. The giant grasslands cicada is an example of one of the biggest cicadas here, while the Beameria venosa is the smallest one in the entire continent.

Cicadas in Colorado (CO)

Types of Cicadas in Colorado

  • Plains Cicada
  • Giant Grasslands Cicada
  • Putnam’s Cicada
  • Cactus Dodger
  • Mountain Cicada
  • Beameria venosa
  • Southern Grass Cicada
  • Citrus Cicada
  • Scrub Cicada
  • Bush Cicada
  • Scissor(s) Grinder
  • Canadian Cicada
  • Walking Cicada