Cicadas in Arkansas

Cicadas are among the biggest and loudest insects in Arkansas. There are about 2 dozen species and 6 genera inhabiting the state.  The males sing, mostly during the day, to attract the females. Each species has a different song. The cicadas come out in spring from April to June.

You will be amazed at the accuracy of the biological clocks of one of these longest-living insects in the world that make them emerge from the ground every 13 years. These are the periodical cicadas of which two broods occur in the state. Other cicadas of Arkansas are the annual cicadas that appear every year.

Cicadas in Arkansas (AK)

Types of Cicadas in Arkansas

  • Brood XIX Cicadas (Great Southern Brood)
  • Brood XXIII Cicadas (Lower Mississippi River Valley Brood)
  • Southern Grass Cicada
  • Scrub Cicada
  • Green Winged Cicada
  • Northern Dusk Singing Cicada
  • Bush Cicada
  • Fall Southeastern Dusk-singing Cicada
  • Walker’s Cicada
  • Resh Cicada
  • Hieroglyphic Cicada
  • Plains Dog-day Cicada
  • Linne’s Cicada
  • Lyric Cicada
  • Scissor(s) Grinder
  • Robinson’s Cicada
  • Superb Dog-Day Cicada
  • Swamp Cicada
  • Cotton Green Cicada