Ants in Oklahoma

The unique climate of Oklahoma makes it favorable for the ants to exist in huge numbers in and around homes and businesses. Though many species of these tiny pests have similar behaviors, one cannot adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to eliminate them. This is where correct identification of the Oklahoma ants finds its importance.

The common big black ants of the state are the carpenter ants, while the big red ants are the red imported fire ants.

Types of Ants in Oklahoma

Ants in Oklahoma (OK)

Ants That Bite

  • Carpenter Ants
  • Acrobat Ant
  • Harvester Ants
  • Little Black Ant
  • Sugar Ant
  • Pavement Ants
  • Field Ants
  • Argentine Ant
  • Big-headed Ant
  • Thief Ant
  • Red Imported Fire Ant

Ants That Don’t Bite

Ants by Colors

Red Ants: Red Imported Fire Ant

Black Ants: Little Black Ant

Red and Black Ants: Carpenter Ants