Ants in Hawaii

There are no native ant species in Hawaii. All the 60 species, including the large and small ants found here, have been unintentionally introduced through human activity over the last couple of centuries.

The little black ants of Hawaii are the sugar ants and black household ants. The tropical fire ants are the typical big red ants of the state, while the tiny red ants found here are the little fire ants.

Types of Ants in Hawaii

Ants in Hawaii (HI)

Ants That Bite

  • Big-headed Ant
  • Ghost Ant
  • Hawaiian Carpenter Ant
  • Longhorn Crazy Ant
  • Singapore Ant
  • Tropical Fire Ant
  • Little Yellow Ant
  • Little Fire Ant
  • Copper-bellied Ant
  • Formica Ants
  • Sugar Ant
  • Argentine Ant

Ants That Don’t Bite

  • Black Household Ant
  • Pharaoh Ant
  • White-footed Ant
  • Yellow Crazy Ant
  • Odorous House Ant

Ants by Colors

Red Ants: Tropical Fire Ant, Little Fire Ant

Black Ants: Odorous House Ant, Black Household Ant, Sugar Ant